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Recycled teak, or any alternative people call reclaimed teak, refurbished teak in addition to rediscovered teak, may be the teak wood which is from old houses, old bridges, old stables, old ships and several other sources.
Refurbish teak wood has been used as furniture material. The material is usually taken from the sources which have the age over 50 years. The moisture content of recycled teak furniture is 15% on the highest. Therefore the problem of wood shrinking, warping and cracking can be really minimal, not to imply impossible. This means that this type furniture comparably endures more to the extremes climate compared to the newly cut-down teak furniture.
Of course the newly cut-down teak outdoor furniture manufacturer indonesia furniture also can endure the extreme climate so long as it is kiln-dried around 15% moisture content. However, many individuals nowadays tend to love recycled teak furniture not only given it might be called antique in the true sense because it's good spirit of developing our planet greener by not making excessive use of newly cut-down teak because furniture material.
This sort of furniture is also seen as its pure beauty which comes from prominently beautiful natural grain from the teak wood that is produced by ages and long exposure towards the weather and surroundings.
Other distinctive characters of this kind of furniture are its inherent "defects" including nail holes, paint stains, as well as other "defects" which can be normal for the materials that happen to be all purchased from old houses, old bridges, old stables and many other sources. Most people regard the "defects" as part from the antiquity on this kind of furniture.
All customers who buy reclaimed teak furniture have wisely understood why such a type of furniture costs greater than newly cut-down furniture. They know without a doubt this furniture could be regarded not merely as antique furniture in their true sense due to the old materials used for the furniture but in addition as the support with the "Green Spirit."

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